eBook Cover Size Specifications

Size Specifications for eBook Covers

Here is an essential summary of ebook cover specifications for all major ebook publishing sites.

Is there a standard size that works for all? Yes, click here to see my recommended cover size specifications.

“What size should an ebook cover be?” is a question often asked by ebook authors new to ebook publishing as well as by experienced authors – since specifications change from time to time. As an ebook cover designer, I attempt to stay updated on this matter.

Firstly, when we talk about ebook cover size, there isn’t just one attribute to consider, but three!

Three Aspects to the Size Specifications of an eBook Cover:

  • File Size – how many megabytes big your ebook cover file is, e.g. 1.35 MB. This can easily be seen if you hover over an image stored on your computer, or right-click and check “Properties.” Under “General” you will see the size.
  • Dimensions – the physical height and width of the image. Dimensions can be measured in inches or millimetres, but it is more usual to be stated in pixels, e.g. 1200 x 2500 pixels. This will not give you the ratio directly, but you can use your math skills to calculate that. The 1200 x 2500 image has a ratio of 1:2.08 (just divide 25 by 12!)
  • Resolution – the pixels or dots per inch. Once again right-click on a saved image, click on “Properties”; select the “Details” Tab and scroll down to Resolution.

Ebook Cover Size Specifications/Requirements by Ebook Sites: Now this is the tricky part – different sites have different ebook cover size specifications for each of the above three aspects! This can seem really confusing at first, especially since ebook cover requirements are sometimes not clearly stated by the sites themselves. However my recommended cover size works for most sites.

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