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Digital ebook cover with specifications as follows:
File Type and Size:I provide a JPEG format, and my size is made to the proportions of 6 x 9, 3200 x 4800 width.  This works well for Amazon. I also provide a smaller cover of 1600 x 2400 pixels for upload to platforms that require a smaller size – Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo.  Please read my full article on ebook cover sizes here for more information.

Paperback/print versions can be ordered after the ebook cover is completed.  For a full ready-to-upload paperback cover version, please refer to this page.

The above sizes and file type will apply unless you make a distinctive request for different specifications.

I do NOT provide a PSD file with open layers for many reasons.  One is that it would be against stock image terms (it would be equal to selling a template instead of a completed design) the other is that my covers are not just cutouts against backgrounds. The layers are merged and manipulated, and image elements cannot just be moved or replaced.

Characters: Please note my pricing includes up to two characters per cover. I do headswaps and body-composites as required.

General: Designs are optimised to be attractive when viewed in a small size, as most ebook websites post images that will appear only about 1½ x 2 inches in size when viewed on a computer screen (or smaller on androids).

Payment:  by Paypal – I will send you my address.  I also have Payoneer as an alternative option.  I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the project before starting on a custom-made order.

Exclusivity: I guarantee you the exclusive rights to any cover. The design will not be resold to anyone else.  However, raw images for photo manipulation are usually from stock photo sites and as such I cannot guarantee exclusive rights to a particular image, though it will appear very different from the original as it is usually combined with several other image elements.

Stock Images: I purchase image licenses legally and use large, high-resolution, high-quality images. All basic stock images are included and I buy from a variety of general and specialist sites with the exclusion of a few highly expensive ones.  If you really want an image from a site I do not purchase from you will have to buy it and send to me – we usually discuss stock images before going ahead with the cover design.

I do also work with Daz renders – but due to time constraints I commission a render artist to render for me.  I include one custom model render in my cover design price – additional models per cover have to be paid for by the author.  Already-rendered Daz stock is included unless very expensive.  I often swap heads and use the Daz bodies.

Different sites have restrictions on their stock image licenses – one may usually produce 500 000  of a design whereafter one has to purchase an extended license, depending on the site.  Please note all my covers come with a standard image license. Also note that if you do sell more than 500 000 copies of a book you should be able to afford and extended image license for $100.

Disclaimer:  A standard stock image license allows for ebook and paperback book covers and related web and all printed advertising materials like banners and brochures and cards.  It does NOT allow for products like t-shirts and coffee mugs, where the image alone becomes the main attraction of the item.  For that you will have to obtain and extended license to the images used on your cover.  If you fail to do so it is at your own risk and I will not be held responsible.

Turnaround time:  I work fast as I only accept a limited number of custom orders. Covers are completed within two days to a week at most – depending on feedback from the author and also on how many alterations we end up making.  I am quite patient as the authors I have worked with will testify…

Samples sent:  For a custom design I usually offer two  different covers if the composition is not too complicated. However if it is a composite cover with many elements and body changes and paint work I usually send just rough drafts to select a composition from before I will work on the final effects of one cover only as this kind of work is very time-consuming.

Samples are watermarked and you only attain the rights to a sample once it is fully paid for.

Please note I USUALLY ONLY DESIGN PAPERBACK COVERS FOR AMAZON’S KDP PAPERBACK SITE. Different companies have different layout specifications and I am not familiar with the specifications of other publishers.  I charge an additional $75 to include the back cover and spine designs, and to turn the ebook cover into a style and format more suitable for printing.  My original files are large and I use XL stock images, so any ebook cover can be turned into a paperback version.
Thank you

Melody Simmons

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