Audio Covers for eBooks

Another exciting project that one can tackle is to get your ebook out in an audio version. There are options of hiring a specialist studio with expert voice narrators, actors and background music.  Many authors use Amazon’s ACX service for the production of their audio narration. One can also read one’s book oneself if so desired. The audio recording is then selfpublished through ACX in order to get onto Amazon, just as paperback books are published through KDP to get them onto Amazon.  They also distribute to iTunes.

Another popular option is to use Tantor though you will have to get your work accepted by them and sign a contract.

Here are a few sample covers I have designed for this audio platform – made to their size specifications.  This is not a physical CD but a downloadable track that is sold, so only the front cover is required. The audio covers are square in shape so usually we need to flesh out the design by the sides, and bring the title up higher.

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