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Here, however, I will attempt to answer some more personal questions about my services that authors often ask:

1.  What is your turnaround time for custom orders?

A: I take on a limited number of custom orders to ensure fast turnaround times. Typically, I can complete a custom cover within three days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. In case of emergencies, I can offer expedited services within a couple of hours.

2.  How long before I get a my premade cover?

A: I strive to respond to all requests promptly, usually within a couple of minutes or hours, and no later than within a day. However, please bear in mind that I work with clients from all over the world, so there may be a time difference that affects my response time.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

A: For all transactions, I use PayPal as the primary payment method. However, you can also request to use Payoneer.

4.  Do you sell the same cover more than once?

A:  No, I never sell the same cover twice. Once you purchase a premade cover or a custom design, it becomes exclusively yours. However, the stock images used in the design are purchased with a license and may be used by others as well. Still, each cover is unique and different, as I combine different images, colors, fonts, textures, and titles.

5.  Who owns the copyright to the design?

All designs and graphics on this website are protected by copyright. The author of each design has acquired the rights to use the design, but the copyright remains with the designer. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of these designs is strictly prohibited. By purchasing a design, the author is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the design for their personal or commercial project. The author may not claim ownership or copyright of the design, and may not resell, distribute, or modify the design without prior written consent from the designer.

6.  Will you send me the PSD file so I can tweak things myself?

A: Unfortunately, I do not sell PSD files for my covers. My designs are not templates, and sending an open PSD file is not practical. Furthermore, the licenses for the stock images used in the design do not allow for the sale of original templates, only completed designs.

7.  Will you change fonts on your premade covers and what does it cost?

A:  I offer free initial font changes for premade covers. However, if you need more complex changes, such as adding or removing image elements or changing eye color, there is an additional fee of $25. Please note that some changes may require additional charges, depending on the complexity of the request.

8.  After getting my cover, what if I need further changes?

A:  I keep all covers for at least six months, so if you need any basic changes, such as modifying the title or author name, I charge $25. For more significant changes, such as image or color changes, I charge $50, depending on the amount of work involved.

9.  I changed my mind – will you refund my premade cover/s?

A:  Unfortunately, I do not accept returns or exchanges of premade covers. Each cover is unique, and it would be challenging to resell the same design twice. Moreover, it takes time to upload and remove covers, create samples and final sizes, and organize the covers in a file with your name. Therefore, please consider your decision carefully before making a purchase.

10.  Do you charge extra for stock images?

A: No, the cost of the stock images used in the design is included in the price of the cover. I source my images from two of the largest stock sites, as well as specialist cover model and Daz render sites.

11.  Can I send you my images to work with?

A: Due to copyright concerns, I no longer work with images provided by authors. In the past, I have had instances where authors have sent me images that they found online from Google, claiming that they were their own. However, it is easy to trace the source of an image online, and this can lead to legal issues. To avoid such problems, I only work with images that I have purchased legally from stock sites.

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