Trends in Bestselling Paranormal Suspense Book Covers

The ebook category of Paranormal Suspense is highly sought-after, as it provides readers with a thrilling escape into an otherworldly realm of enigmatic events and eerie settings. This genre boasts several sub-genres that cater to diverse reader preferences, such as Psychic Suspense, Ghost Suspense, Horror Suspense, Witch & Wizard Thrillers, Occult Supernatural, and Occult Ghosts and Haunted Houses.

The Popular Types of Book Covers in Paranormal Suspense

One of the striking features of Paranormal Suspense as an ebook category is the prevalence of dark and ominous covers. The covers often feature a dark or shadowy setting with a prominent figure or object that represents the supernatural or occult aspect of the story. There are four main types of covers that are popular in the genre:

  • Females in Dark Settings: These covers feature a female protagonist in a dark or moody setting. The character may be depicted as a witch or a tough-looking girl in leather, representing the powerful and independent nature of the character.
  • Males in Dark Settings: Similar to the female covers, these covers feature a male protagonist in a dark or moody setting. The character is often depicted with some type of glow or energy, representing their supernatural powers.
  • Symbols and Objects: These covers feature symbols or objects that represent the supernatural or occult aspect of the story. Popular symbols include skulls, candles, pentagrams, and other mystical symbols.
  • Dark Houses: These covers feature a dark, ominous-looking house that represents the haunted or supernatural aspect of the story.

Some covers may overlap with Urban Fantasy and general Thriller covers, as there is also some overlap in the genres. The prevalence of dark and ominous covers in the Paranormal Suspense genre can be attributed to the fact that readers expect a certain level of darkness and mystery from the stories.  Some light contrast area in the cover however helps it to be more visible in thumbnail size in the ebook stores. Fonts are quite large and clear, as is generally the case with Thriller and Mystery covers.

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