Book Cover Design Portfolio

Melody Simmons has been designing book covers as a full-time graphic design occupation since 2011. Book covers are her passion and she has designed bestselling covers in practically every genre, both ebook and print cover versions.

To view a selection of her book cover designs click here to visit her gallery:

Melody Simmons 2023

Book cover trends change over time and it is important to have a cover that fits with a particular genre, as readers tend to look for more of the same type of book that they normally enjoy – and the cover signals the type of book to them.

In addition book covers in ebook stores need to look good in thumbnail size and attract attention.

The book covers on this site all fulfil the role they are intended to play – that of being a genre-appropriate advertising bait for readers to click on, in addition to being aesthetically attractive.

Melody is dedicated to her work and available practically 24/7/365…please contact her for custom book cover work as well as premade cover orders at:

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