New Site Updates

I am sure everyone that reads this cannot believe another year is coming to an end.  I always take this time of the year to review my work and my website and goals.  I also cannot believe my website is now 11 years old!

My site actually started as a simple blog.  Back in those days there were no e-Commerce platforms like Woocommerce or Wix or Squarespace.  I think my choices were between using WordPress and Weebly.

Throughout the years I kept changing and upgrading my site.  It can be really hard and stressful to make major changes to a website though, as one doesn’t want to lose SEO and rank and links.  

So this November I once again upgraded and changed it a bit.  I was never really too happy with my name ( but was always too scared to try and migrate it to a new name – it can be very complicated.  I took the plunge this past month though and now the site is finally called  Don’t worry I did all those pesky 301 redirect thingies so old links will (well, should) still work.

I am not a website expert but I have always believed in running my own site by myself.  So I keep trying to learn.  Hope you like the new look!