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Symbol and typography covers have become increasingly popular in recent years across a variety of genres, from Romance to Cozy Mystery to Dark Romance, Thriller, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy. These covers often feature a simple yet striking symbol or typography that conveys the mood and theme of the book in a subtle yet effective way. As a designer specializing in these types of covers, I understand the power of simplicity in design and the importance of creating a cover that stands out in a crowded market. My designs are detailed composite covers that combine several elements, including symbols, typography, and other design elements, to create a unique cover that still fits into all of these genres. By using a combination of elements that reflect the mood and theme of the book, I am able to create covers that appeal to readers and draw them in, while also fitting well into the larger context of the genre. If you’re looking for a cover design that is both simple and striking, and that captures the essence of your book, my symbol and typography covers are the perfect solution.

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