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These are Premade Designs – they are ready-made covers and the text will be changed to reflect your title and author name. Each cover is SOLD ONLY ONCE. If you wish to order a CUSTOM COVER DESIGN please visit my Custom Orders Page.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in SciFi Romance covers featuring male characters with tattoos, scales, tails, and other alien features. These covers often reflect the unique blend of sci-fi and romance themes that make this genre so popular. The use of intricate design elements and bold colors creates a sense of excitement and adventure that appeals to readers who enjoy this genre. Popular SciFi Romance covers often feature striking images of spaceships, planets, and other sci-fi elements, combined with images of the couple at the heart of the story. The male character designs reflect the alien or otherworldly nature of the story, adding an extra layer of intrigue and excitement for readers. Overall, the covers for SciFi Romance books continue to evolve, with new trends emerging all the time, but they always aim to capture readers’ attention and draw them into a world of adventure and romance that is out of this world.

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