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These are Premade Designs – they are ready-made covers and the text will be changed to reflect your title and author name. Each cover is SOLD ONLY ONCE. If you wish to order a CUSTOM COVER DESIGN please visit my Custom Orders Page.

Historical Western Fiction is a genre that takes readers back to the Old West, an era in American history that spanned from the 1800s to the early 1900s. This genre typically features stories of cowboys, gunfighters, outlaws, and settlers who braved the harsh conditions of the frontier. Readers are transported to a time when the West was wild and untamed, and life was hard but simple.

The genre has been popularized through books, movies, and TV shows, and its appeal lies in its portrayal of rugged individualism, freedom, and adventure. Historical Western Fiction captures the spirit of the American West, with its vast expanses of land, the challenges of survival, and the rugged characters that inhabit it. If you’re a fan of this genre, then you’ll appreciate the power of a well-crafted book cover that captures the essence of the Old West and invites you to delve into its world. My covers are made to fit into the genre and look similar to other bestseller Historical Western Fiction book covers as I study the bestseller lists regularly.

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