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These are Premade Designs – they are ready-made covers and the text will be changed to reflect your title and author name. Each cover is SOLD ONLY ONCE. If you wish to order a CUSTOM COVER DESIGN please visit my Custom Orders Page.

As a designer specializing in Cozy Mystery book covers, I have designed many bestselling covers in the genre over the past 10 years. I understand the importance of creating covers that fit into readers’ expectations and capture the essence of the cozy mystery genre. Cozy Mystery readers are drawn to certain visual elements such as warm, inviting settings, whimsical illustrations, and charming characters. By incorporating these elements into my designs, I ensure that my covers stand out and appeal to readers. I also recognize that readers often click on more books with similar covers in a genre, which is why I design covers that not only capture the essence of the book but also fit into the larger context of the Cozy Mystery genre. If you’re looking for a bestselling Cozy Mystery book cover that will capture readers’ attention and fit into the genre, look no further than my portfolio of designs.

Cozy Premades – Standard Prices: Vector art – $300 for a set of 3, Photo-based – $350 for a set of 3. Some covers may be marked down on a special.

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