Contemporary Romance

These are Premade Designs – they are ready-made covers and the text will be changed to reflect your title and author name. Each cover is SOLD ONLY ONCE. If you wish to order a CUSTOM COVER DESIGN please visit my Custom Orders Page.

Contemporary Romance is a genre that is known for its diverse range of cover designs, but one trend that has dominated the market for many years is the use of a single handsome male character on the cover. These covers often feature a shirtless or semi-naked male model, with chiseled abs and a brooding expression that reflects the romantic tension of the story. However, there is a growing trend towards the use of symbols and abstract designs on Contemporary Romance covers, offering a more subtle and intriguing alternative to the traditional male model cover. As a designer specializing in Contemporary Romance book covers, I offer both character covers and symbol covers in my portfolio. If you’re looking for a cover with a striking male character, you can find them on this page, while covers with symbols and abstract designs can be found in my premade Symbol Cover Store. Whatever your preference, I have the expertise and experience to create a Contemporary Romance cover that will capture the essence of your story and attract readers.

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