Historical Romance Book Covers

Historical Romance is a popular genre in the ebook industry, and the sales data reflects this popularity. Here are a few statistics that demonstrate the popularity of the genre:

  • According to a report by the Romance Writers of America, Romance was the top-performing genre in the US book market in 2020, with $1.5 billion in estimated revenue, and Historical Romance was the second most popular subgenre, accounting for 14% of Romance sales.
  • In the UK, Historical Romance was the third most popular Romance subgenre in 2020, with 5.5 million books sold, according to data from Nielsen BookScan.

The Romance genre has consistently been a top-performing genre in the ebook industry, and there is no reason to believe that this trend will change anytime soon. Additionally, with the popularity of adaptations of popular Romance novels into movies and TV shows, such as the “Bridgerton” series, it is possible that the popularity of Historical Romance may continue to rise in the coming years.

Historical Romance has always been a favorite genre of mine to design covers for, and I love the sense of fantasy and escapism that the covers invoke,

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