Premade Dark & Fantasy Romance Book Covers

Dark and Fantasy Romance books have taken the literary world by storm in recent years.

What is Dark Romance?

Dark Romance is a subgenre of romance that explores taboo, controversial, and often morally ambiguous themes. These can include power dynamics, non-consensual relationships, and even violence. Despite the dark subject matter, Dark Romance books are known for their emotional depth, complex character development, and intense storytelling. It’s a genre that’s not for everyone, but for those who enjoy it, it’s incredibly addictive.

What about Fantasy Romance?

Fantasy Romance is a book genre that combines elements of both the fantasy and romance genres. In this genre, the stories are set in fictional worlds or alternate realities, where magic, mythical creatures, and supernatural powers are present. The romantic relationships in these stories are often between human characters and non-human entities such as elves, vampires, werewolves, or other mythical creatures. Fantasy Romance may include dark aspects, or it may be much lighter in tone.

What kind of book covers are used in Dark Romance and Fantasy Romance?

Dark Romance covers often feature a combination of dark and moody colors, along with images of objects and symbols that are associated with the genre. These can include things like handcuffs, knives, roses, and broken glass. The covers are often designed to be striking and eye-catching, drawing readers in with their intensity. Apart from symbol-covers of course dark covers with couples or males are very popular too.

Recently Fantasy Romance bestsellers are leaning towards the same type of symbol / typography covers popular in Dark Romance, but with more of a fantasy feel.

Types of objects and symbols used on Dark and Fantasy Romance book covers:

  1. Skulls – These can represent death, danger, and darkness.
  2. Butterflies – They are often used to represent transformation or the beauty that can be found in darkness.
  3. Roses and other Flowers – Flowers are a classic symbol of love, but they’re often used on Dark Romance covers to represent the dangerous and unpredictable nature of the relationships depicted in these books.
  4. Keys – Keys can represent many things in Dark Romance, including access, control, and secrets. They can also symbolize the journey towards unlocking the truth or discovering hidden knowledge, or symbolize love – as in “the key to someone’s heart,”
  5. Gilded Cages – Overall, the use of gilded cages in Fantasy Romance books is a powerful metaphor for the struggles that characters face as they seek to break free from societal expectations, magical barriers, or oppressive relationships. The cage represents a beautiful facade that is meant to hide the character’s true feelings and desires, and the struggle to break free of the cage is a central theme in many Fantasy Romance stories.
  6. Jewellery / Amulets – Can symbolize good fortune and protection, wealth and beauty.
  7. Crowns – Crowns are a symbol of power and authority, and in Dark Romance, they often represent the struggle for control and dominance.
  8. Knives and other weapons – These are used to represent the violence and danger that can be present in Dark Romance stories.
  9. Broken glass – Broken glass is often used to represent the shattered emotions and relationships that are a common theme in Dark Romance.
  10. Masks – Masks can be used to represent hidden identities or the idea that people aren’t always what they seem.
  11. Chains and handcuffs – These are often used to symbolize the power dynamics at play in Dark Romance relationships.
  12. Feathers – Freedom and flight, the fleeting nature of existence.

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